Sunday Morning Life Hack: Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion

I started wearing make-up in 6th grade. I wish I could tell you that my mother and I had a heart-to-heart about true beauty and we spent every Sunday afternoon discussing the ins and outs of choosing a lip color, contouring, and the difference between concealer and foundation. My mother however, bless her heart, is not a make-up girl.

Where did that leave me? That left me on a frost bitten December morning, where, walking from my mom’s car to the front door of my middle school, I found a small cosmetics bag. I was ten feet from the main office lost and found. It would have be quite simple to turn in this bag of glory. But I wanted that shiz so badly.

You guys, if I hadn’t been alone, I don’t trust that I could have avoided offing a friend to get rid of witnesses. It would have been a serious Smeagol incident.

Anyway…the bag turned out to have one loud silver eye shadow, a translucent baby pink gloss that was sticky as hell and a sample sized perfume that smelled like a baby hooker bathed in mint liquor. I was in love.

I immediately put as much as I could on my face, checked myself out in the bathroom mirror and assumed that every “wow, Becca…” was sheer admiration.

I’d like to think my make-up routine has changed a bit since then thanks to fashion magazines, friends, and YouTube videos.

One of the biggest issues I’ve always had with make-up is it’s tendency to want to melt off my face. If I’m going to put the effort into hair and make-up, that styling better last from waking to sleeping. I battled extremely oily skin for much of my younger years (which has now turned dry/combination, what?) and found that the worst of it comes in the form of eye shadow creasing.


The eye shadow was on board when you left the house but 45 minutes in, it’s given up. Frustration (and moving to the desert) led me to a multiple year hiatus from eye shadow, with an occasional foray into liquid liner because that shit stays on. A few weeks ago, I was cruising the Sephora sale section online and found an awesome deal: the Urban Decay Primer + Ammo Palette for $16*.

urban decay palette kit

*You can find the same deal from UD here, or the original product at Sephora here. ♥

Dude. This stuff is magic. It’s like, magic. The first day I used it I worked 9 hours in an overheated office, ran around doing errands, and got pretty sweaty hiking up the big hill to my house. When I got home, I was certain my eye shadow had vanished, but when I looked in the mirror it was exactly as it had been that morning.

Just hanging out like “hey girl!”

As an added bonus: the colors in the Ammo Palette are fantastic. It’s a perfect mix of bright colors and demure, muted tones.

I’m most definitely not a beauty expert (read: I really didn’t know the difference between concealer and foundation until I was in my 20s) and lord knows I’m cheap, but this stuff works and the tube lasts for months. I’ve used cheaper eye shadow primers and you really do get what you pay for.

Go get it!*

*Or don’t, that’s cool too. You’re beautiful with or without make-up.


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