¡Feliz Día Internacional de la Mujer!

I’ve been thinking about what to say about International Women’s Day all day. This morning I got an email from my best friend from Peru wishing me a happy Women’s Day and saying that she loves and misses me.

Pal Janeth and I at the “Statue of Liberty” in Northern Peru.

I’m not going to go on about Peace Corps, but I do want to highlight a couple of points in honor of International Women’s Day (and share some adorable photos).

Camp ALMA – A girls’ empowerment camp with representatives from districts around the region of Lambayeque

Women are strong. Women are weak. Women are kind. Women are cruel. Women are smart. Women are dumb. Women are talented. Women are clumsy. Women are cool. Women are awkward. Women are beautiful. Women are level-headed. Women are crazy. Women are loud. Women are quiet. 


Women are a million things and no one woman is exactly like another. I am a lot of things, being a woman is part of that. A part I love.


Every single woman and girl out there has immeasurably beauty and worth.


Let’s take today (what’s left of it) and tomorrow and the next day and each day after and cherish women for the amazing things they do. Let’s be beautiful human beings to one another.


Best of luck


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