10 Things: Subscription Edition

In High School, I participated in a lot of fundraisers. Some were pretty typical: bake sales, donation cans. Some showed my tourist town roots: $20 parking spaces on festival weekends. And some got weird.

We sold magazine subscriptions. I knocked on doors and rather than asking for money or offering something valuable like cookies, I tried to sell my neighbors year-long magazine subscriptions.


Anyway, I wanted to share that weirdness even though it has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

Today’s 10 Things is all about free subscriptions to cool podcasts, videos, and more, that will make you think and make you smile:

Stuff Mom Never Told You


SMNTY is actually a podcast, blog and YouTube channel but I really only listen to the podcast. The hosts, Cristen and Caroline, are hilarious and informative, coming at you twice a week with maigcal topics in feminism.

My favorite episodes include slut shaming, single moms, cankles, and cat calling. The research for each episode is scholarly but the delivery is both fun and non-threatening.

Check them out here.

Laci Green

Laci Green is an amazing, brilliant and hilarious sex education advocate. She makes videos about human sexuality, from puberty to periods to the feminism in Bob’s Burgers.

My favorite part about her YouTube videos is that she’s informative and open in a way that teenage me would have been all about. There are too many people out there, young and old alike, with unanswered questions about sexuality, the human body and society, and thank goodness, Laci Green is tackling them one video at a time.

Her original YouTube channel is here, and her newer series with MTV called “Braless” is here. Both are great.

The Skimm


You know how it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on in the world? I miss a lot, particularly on the days when I don’t log on to social media until late in the day. And then I log in and find that some dress was apparently a bunch of different colors and Kanye and Kim are pregnant again and naming this one South so that it will have a good future airline endorsement.

The Skimm is a free daily email newsletter that breaks down the major news and pop culture stories into delectable and smart little bites that can be devoured in a free five minute block. When I first signed up I thought it would get annoying, but I actually get excited to open that email every day. Plus, if you hate it, unsubscribe.

Check it out here.

Sprinkle of Glitter


I don’t typically love beauty vlogs because they tend to make me feel like I’m doing make-up and my life wrong. Fake lashes freak me out and I’m big enough to admit that. So hearing the endless tips so many glamorous YouTubers have on the daily is not my thing.

Until, Sprinkle of Glitter. Louise is so sweet and sincere and funny and delightfully British. She knows a lot about make-up, but what I love most is how she demonstrates real friendship with her BFF Zoe, and the importance of family with her adorable baby girl, Darcy.

Recently she posted about the importance of thinking about your future and your dreams, rather than simply going off to university because someone told you to. She’s an amazing example for young women everywhere and a lot of fun to watch.

Follow her here.

Stuff You Should Know


Ever wonder about the GED test or death or taxes or the Paleo Diet or…basically anything? Josh and Chuck to the rescue!

I’ve been listening to these two goofballs since 2009 and I have yet to tire of their silly puns. Much like Stuff Mom Never Told You, they cover a variety of topics with both humor and well-researched scholarly sources. Each episode is 40-60 minutes long and I promise you’ll walk away smarter and happier.

Hannah Hart

These next three are really all on the same level, but I’m starting with who I internet-met first. Hannah is the creator of My Drunk Kitchena show where she drinks a lot of alcohol, typically wine, while trying to prepare a meal. Hilarity ensues. If you have not watched MDK, clear your schedule and watch every single episode now.

I fell in love with Hannah for the drunken cooking but I stayed for so many other things. She is openly gay and has done numerous videos for those out their struggling with sexuality. She has a heart of gold and organizes charity events. She has a brilliant sense of humor and a lovely singing voice. Oh and, no big deal, she’s fashionable as hell.

Go check her channel out here. And her cookbook here.

Grace Helbig

Grace is kind of turning into a big star now; she has a book, an upcoming TV show, and she starred in a (fantastic) movie last year. Long ago, however, I had a day off and somehow found her YouTube channel.

I remember my roommate left for work in the morning, I ate breakfast, found Grace’s channel and then my roommate got home from work…I proceeded to watch every video again, forcing my roommate to watch with me.

Grace is funny and awkward, which of course appeals to me. She covers absolutely everything, typically in a somewhat snarky but always good-spirited way.

Subscribe to her channel here. She also has a hilarious podcast.

Mamrie Hart

Mamrie probably gets the most points for originality. With her YouTube show and her life. She created You Deserve a Drink where she dreams up cocktails based on celebrities and pop culture happenings. If that wasn’t enough, she makes puns, like, a lot of puns which makes the show a built in drinking game as well. You watch once and make the cocktail, then watch again and drink every time she makes a terrible pun.

You guys. Puns and drinking. What else is there?

Check out her channel here. And her soon-to-be-released book here.

NPR: Fresh Air


I’m a huge NPR nerd, but these days I don’t spend a lot of time around the radio. My commute to work tops out at around 30 minutes round trip and I spend a majority of that time belting out whatever’s on the radio or staring sleepily at the road because I’m a go-getter.

The NPR: Fresh Air podcast is perfect because it comes in smaller interviews and reviews that you can pick and choose from. You can either stream it or download it to your phone or computer and have it to listen to whenever. I like to listen to a good Terry Gross interview while cooking, but hey it’s up to you.

Nom Nom Paleo


I promise you, I don’t like email newsletters. There is seriously nothing I hate more than seeing that I have five new emails and finding out they are all automated from some site or another. But this one is worthwhile.

Michelle Tam: chef, mom, Paleo Goddess, and creator of Nom Nom Paleo, is full of recipes and nutrition information. She’s realistic and smart about time and ingredients and her page is adorably littered with cartoons of herself and her family. For my Paleo pals out there, she’s got your back and for everyone else, she’s got yours too.

Alright, that’s it for 10 Things this time. Now go jump around or something.

Best of luck!


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