Workplace Woes: A Tale of a Mitchum Huntzberger-ing

Today something bonkers happened.

My friend, my beautiful, perfect, hard-working friend, got fired.

Now I know, sometimes with our buddies we have blind-spots. That “trustworthy” childhood friend steals from her office. The “kind-hearted” pal from yoga yells at cashiers over pennies. The “honest” coworker  tells white lies to her landlord. But I can promise, after all of the not-so-great friends I’ve been through, I see my current buds pretty clearly.

So you can imagine why I was upset when my friend, we’ll call her Alice,* called me in tears saying she’d been fired. 

The story basically pointed to her boss punishing a minor mistake with a major consequence. I’ve seen this happen before. Employers have the right to get rid of you even for tiny mess ups, but what took it too far came after.

He tore her apart, saying that she was incapable of taking criticism, telling her she’d fail at the incredibly competitive field she’s entering into.

He Mitchum Huntzberger’d her.

And why did he feel the need to do this?

Maybe he really does believe she’ll fail, but I don’t really care. Don’t tell someone that their dreams mean nothing. Don’t tell them their hard work won’t be enough. You aren’t doing them a favor. What you’re really doing is inflating your own self worth because you feel threatened.

I have, in the few hours since I got that heart breaking phone call devised murderous revenge plans and drafted many a strong worded letter, but none of that will help anyway because that’s not how justice works.

Justice will be served when my amazing friend achieves everything she’s ever dreamed of, which she will because she’s brilliant and because she’s got a boatload of people ready to catch her when she stumbles.

All I can ask of you is:

Be kind to one another.


*because that’s my pet name for all of my friends, it’s delightfully confusing


14 thoughts on “Workplace Woes: A Tale of a Mitchum Huntzberger-ing

  1. I resigned from my “cushy” position because of some issues I just couldn’t get over. Your statement really (REALLY REALLY) hit the nail on the head “What you’re really doing is inflating your own self worth because you feel threatened.” I was threatened with decreased performance reviews and I was consistently brought into question for my ability to communicate effectively – when no one around me seemed to have a problem communicating with me. “It’s been brought to my attention” still sends chills through me and ignites a very heated flame within me. Once I submitted my resignation, she was processing papers within minutes and within a day she had my position posted for applicants. I still had 16 days until my “quit day”. It became an even more hostile environment, but I stuck it out. Working for a manager/supervisor who has serious insecurities and is quite frankly incompetent is really, really, frustrating – especially for girls like Alice. I’m sorry she cried. But, I’m not sorry she got fired. Being forced from a toxic situation is NOT a bad thing – always. My friend told me I would go through the stages of grief once I left…she was right. Even though it was my choice to leave – I was still bitter and mad that she (my boss) had been such a wench!! And that she made me feel so disposable 😦 Onto bigger & better, my friends!!


    1. Absolutely. In my experience, at least 80% of the time “It’s been brought to my attention” means “I’m enough of a dum dum to either believe gossip or make it up myself.” Good for you for getting out, I’m sure life has better adventures in store. As for Alice, she’s interviewing at Dartmouth Medical right now and has already been accepted to Georgetown Medical. I think she’ll be ok.

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  2. Couldn’t agree any more with what you said. Some people in positions of power have this compulsive feeling to drive the feeling of failure into people when they make minor mistakes. I really can’t stand people who are such perfectionists or take advantage of people making minor mistakes that can be improved. On the bright side its not worth working for a person like that.

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    1. I completely agree. I fully believe that most people don’t know how to handle power so they abuse it. One day when Alice is a badass doctor she’ll remember this jerk and act more positively toward her inferiors. Thanks for reading!!

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  3. Your blog post revealed far more about the toxic ex-boss than it did about your friend. And you’re spot-on, living well is absolutely the best revenge. And echo the rest of the commenters about what a terrific friend you are.

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  4. Im not sure if “alice” likes movies, but maybe a recent movie called “Whiplash” would be interesting for her to sure she will see the connection quite quickly and im quite sure she will see something which will open up this pain and transmute it a little too… Trust me on this one,but not on anything else…its about a musician taking shit from the biggest seeming asshole in the business and the rest is up to interpretation on life

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  5. Gosh it stinks that your friend was treated so unfairly 😦 But I’m sure she’ll move onto someplace better where she is appreciated and treated with respect 🙂 p.s. I’m delighted by the Gilmore Girls reference.

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