Sunday Morning Life Hack: Khan Academy

You know how sometimes you wonder about the Civil War or algebra? You lie awake thinking about Organic Chemistry or macroeconomics. You yearn to explore the secrets of physics and computer science.

Ok, it’s not exactly like that, but I do enjoy learning something once in a while.


I’ve noticed many adults harboring regret at not paying better attention in school and hopelessness at ever learning math. Outside of going back to school, there really aren’t a lot of resources for adults who want to learn new skills.

Wait. Except there totally are. Meet my best friend: Khan Academy.


I was first introduced to Khan Academy by my father who uses it as a study resource for his middle and high school students. However, it’s also perfect for adults.

How It Works: 

Khan Academy has a variety of resources (videos, worksheets, quizzes) that cover Math, Sciences, General Health, Economics and Finance, History, Music, as well as less traditional classroom topics like Computer Programming and Coding.

You can sign up for free and choose a subject you’d like to learn about. Each subject has lesson plans that walk you through using engaging and interactive tools and there is a quiz at the end to test your retention.


There are also programs and study guides put together for standardized testing such as the GRE, MCAT, GMAT and more. So this is an awesome tool for people studying their faces off and getting burnt out.

I’m using the history component to study for my PRAXIS II exams this summer and it’s been great.


Teachers: this is also a great tool to use in your classroom for anything from a math example showed from beginning to end to the start of WWI explained in a 6 minute video.

Ok, enough chatter from me, watch the video below, it’s adorable and perfect and will make you so happy to be a human. And it’s a minute and a half long, you’ve got time.

Best of luck!


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