Don’t Let That Crush…Crush You

I have this friend, we’ll call her Francis, who has a crush on a boy who is her good friend.

Tale as old as time,

True as it can be,

Barely even friends,

Then somebody has a ridiculous crush on a person who likely has similar feelings for them but is so afraid of “messing up the friendship” that they refuse to say anything but constantly think about getting their face on that face.

Ok those might not be the lyrics.

Anyway…Francis* has a crush and it’s gotten me thinking about all of the silly crushes I’ve had that I never acted on or acted poorly on. I’d like to share them with you (and Francis, hi Francis!) so that we can laugh about it together and anyone out there in the crush boat can sympathize.

2002-2005: The Pal

I met M in first grade. He chased me around the playground. I “married” his friend in Middle School, etc etc etc. By High School I had a full blown crush on him. The problem was I was also low grade terrified of him because he was smart and cool and amazing. At the time I didn’t realize I was all those things too.

Junior year I asked him to prom by putting a note on his front door. He didn’t respond until a few weeks later when he pointed out a classmate and suggested he’s a perfect prom date for me.

I threw a pencil at his face.

2005-2006: The Handsome Older One

S was ten years older than me and my boss. I did not care about either of these things because he was perfect. PERFECT.

I mooned over him for two summers, famously dropping anything I was holding when he walked in the room. I never said anything to him about it but I do remember him telling me that he hopes if he has kids they’ll be just like me.

I had to stop myself from saying “well sharing half my DNA would probably help with that”

2008: The Obsession

I can’t say that I’m proud of any of my crushes but I can say that I’m least proud of this one.

H and I had some minor flirting moments and then I obsessed about him for an entire summer.

Everyone knew.

He knew.

I was that girl.

On the last night of work, when we were all leaving, I told him I liked him. This is the one thing I do not regret because, you know what, he didn’t feel the same. And I was embarrassed for a hot second and then I got over it.

We went back to normal and forgot about everything and I moved on.

2010: The Ginger

He was a ginger, he dressed like it was 1997, he loved Ingrid Michaelson. How could I resist?

I spent weeks flirting and complaining to my friends that I didn’t think he liked me. Man, I feel for my amazing friends. They worked their magic and casually got the message to him about my feelings and me about his feelings.

It still took us 3 weeks to say anything.

Even though we broke up not very long after, just being open and honest with him made me feel like such a grown up.

The point of all this is threefold:

1. I’m a huge nerd.

2. You might be a nerd too, or not, but either way, you are 100% beautiful and wonderful and lovable. There is nothing wrong with you.

3. Don’t let a crush destroy you. Recognize it, communicate it, carry on accordingly.

Best of luck!

*Not even similar to her name. Or maybe it is her actual name. You’ll never know!**

**It’s not her name though.


18 thoughts on “Don’t Let That Crush…Crush You

  1. Oh this brought back crush memories haha. But truthfully, I’ve been dealing with a crush lately and i really needed to read this, especially the headline. “Don’t Let That Crush…Crush You” YES. Thank you! Sometimes having a crush pushes you into a deep, obsessive state of mind (lust! butterflies!) and I needed this headline to snap me out of it.

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  2. Ahem, guy here. Ran across your post by accident, but I can relate. Had several crushes (I remember them all!) throughout my young life, but no serious girlfriend.

    Only once did I ever admit I had a crush on a girl…

    But I admitted it to the boy who claimed he was her boyfriend.

    Fortunately for me, he told the whole class.

    Thankfully, she was cool about it.

    Not lying.

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  3. I’m going through a bit of a crush crisis (as you might have garnered from my posts haha) and my posts have a decidedly depressing tone. Reading this made me laugh and smile…loved it!

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  4. Yup this is pretty accurate. I feel like it’s hard to properly handle a crush and I don’t even know what that would entail. I think it’s more important to forgive yourself for actions you somewhat couldn’t control.

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