Hip Spring Trends

****WARNING: Moderate Snark Ahead****

Welcome to the first day of Spring! In honor of the equinox, I’m sharing some of my favorite Spring trends in fashion, beauty and more, enjoy!

Top Fashion Trends

Clothes that make you feel comfortable

Clothes that make you feel beautiful

Clothes that cover the necessary parts to avoid being arrested (this will depend on your country/state/city of course)

Clothes that keep you warm or cool enough for the current weather in your area

Top Make-Up Trends

The “No-Make-Up” Look…because you’re not wearing make-up

Taking excellent care of your skin because it will be around longer than your concealer

Wearing make-up (or not wearing it) that makes you feel beautiful/glamorous/all the things you already are without make-up

Cool Slang

Compliments are totally in this season. Start small with something like “that’s a beautiful sweater” and move up to “you’re a very considerate person.”

Right on par with compliments is being genuine. The days of irony are behind us as we turn to face the real. Start small, shedding the fear or being “basic” with something like “Actually, I didn’t read the books first. I really liked the movies and then I read the books.”

Best of luck!


8 thoughts on “Hip Spring Trends

  1. Haha compliments should be in every season. So true that beauty is what makes you feel glamorous/fabulous. Didn’t know what to expect on this one, but I was pleasantly surprised. I tend not to judge others based on their beauty decisions, but as you pointed out your remarks about skin and concealer, you should be able to accept who you are regardless. Good way to promote a healthy body image 🙂 that’s so important.

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