Crampy, bloaty, grumbly, and general feelings of imbalance, these are a few of my most common menstruation symptoms…

Ah, periods. For some women, they’re no big deal, for some they’re the worst.

I had my first period when I was 11. On a week-long camping trip with my family, I was certain that I was peeing my pants, couldn’t stop, and I was surely dying.

It was only when I got home and could really investigate that I realized what was happening and told my mom.

As a young woman I had some serious, knock-you-on-your-behind cramps. Like, fetal-position-because-if-I-move-I’ll-die cramps. We’re talking, where’s-the-heating-pad-I will-kill-you-if-you-hid-it cramps. It was not fun.ย 

As I got older and started wearing tighter jeans, I learned about bloating. Then came hormonal rage fits and random crying. You guys, I’m a lady.

My mom has always been into natural remedies. We’ve used herbs and teas to try and fix everything. Tiger Balm was my best friend through sports and homemade heating pads got me through a lot. I was in High School when we found the only natural remedy I’ve ever found to be even slightly effective with all the fun period symptoms:

Yogi Moon Cycle Tea


I drink it like a fiend while I’m on my period and try to mix it in every once in a while during the rest of my cycle. Yogi makes fantastic organic teas, I’ve loved the brand for a long time. The Moon Cycle Tea uses a mixture ofย Dong Quai with Chaste Tree Berry and Organic Raspberry Leaf to create a tasty blend that soothes cramping and relaxes the body.

I’m not going to tell you that it will cure your period. It will not. But it will significantly help lessen the effect of those awful symptoms.

Yogi also does a whole line of Women’s Teas for energy, pre-natal, and postpartum health. I haven’t tried those but I’ll certainly be looking into it.

Meanwhile, you should go enjoyย a lovely cup of tea, no matter who you are.

Best of luck!