When Your Boss is Kind of a Tool

When I typed that title I initially wrote “wool” instead of “tool” and had this skit play out in my head where I tried to have an intelligent work debate with a sweater.

Actually, that doesn’t seem far off…

I’m not going to go into the issues I’m having at work right now because it’s probably not smart, healthy or that interesting. I can tell you that my boss is a bit difficult and I would very much like a vacation.

I also can’t tell you what to do when your boss is a being a jerk, not really. However I have mentioned how to handle troubling work relationships before.

What I can tell you is what hasn’t been working for me:

  • Acting like a Child (including but not limited to stomping, silent treatment, yelling, door slamming)
  • Picking every single battle as the BATTLE ROYALE!
  • Saying something is ok when it is not
  • Ignoring issues
  • Crying quietly in my office
  • Complaining every day to my coworkers, friends, family members, and to Boyfriend
  • Saying “I don’t think I’m going to stay here” or alternatively “I’m walking out” or “I’ll just go work at (Starbucks/Target/The Mall)”
  • Throwing pens
  • Making faces while on the phone with the boss
  • Passive Aggressiveness

I’ll update you all as things move forward but for now, here’s to the bored, the annoyed, the overqualified and under-challenged and anyone else struggling with dum-dums. Here’s to you, wonderful workers!

Best of luck!


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