I Turned Off My Data

No, not that data. My cell phone data.

You see, I received a troubling text from AT&T last week, followed by an email from my mother. I won’t trouble you with the details, but the gist was:


I immediately panicked. How could I live with limits on my Snapchattery? My Facebooking? My Tumbldom? Was I just supposed to stop playing Trivia Crack all together? That’s not how crack works, you don’t just quit!

And then I stopped, and I listened to myself and was confused at this weird, fragile, obsessive human I’d become. Only a few months ago I was excited about glacial internet once a week. Now I can’t handle a few hours without it?

So I shut off my data (of course I still have internet on my phone when there’s wifi (I’m not crazy) but that limits it substantially). And, ya know, I learned a couple of things:

Getting Home is like a Party

Getting home from work at the end of a long day is already pretty awesome. Hello comfy bed, hello yoga pants, hello snacks.* When your data’s been turned off all day that also means: hello a million emails/snapchats/facebook notifications/tumblr posts/etc. It’s like you’re suddenly the most popular person in the world.**

Focusing is a lot Easier

I think it’s pretty common knowledge that it’s easier to focus on the things around you if you’re not looking down at the time-suck, glass rectangle; daily tasks, other humans, a tiny snail trying to cross the street. However, it also makes it easier to focus on the things happening on your phone.

This week I earned rewards points on my credit card, made my budgeting system more efficient, wrote to my grandmother, and unsubscribed from 6 email circles I didn’t want to be in. Know how? I actually read my email.

Battery Power Lasts Forever

When your phone is for texting, calling, and playing that one game that doesn’t use the internet*** for 80% of the day, that charge gonna laaaaaaast and laaaaast.

You Do Not Receive Everything with just Wifi and Cell Service

This was the one negative.

Why does my voicemail require data? Both parts of that word are things that do not require data. Voice. Mail.


I don’t know. All I can tell is that it’s a good thing I didn’t want the job offer I received via voicemail three days ago…

*Don’t judge me, bedtime starts at 5 PM and rolls on for hours

**You know what several unread Snapchats looks like at the end of the day? A story. A fucking awesome story.

***Cough, TWO DOTS, cough.


2 thoughts on “I Turned Off My Data

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I recently went on a month-long cruise. Internet either didn’t work or was expensive. I missed the blogging. I’m happier with the Internet.
    Thanks for visiting my site Reflections. I’m glad you liked my Pinterest post. I am moving to mostlyblogging.com this week. I hope you will visit me there too. Nice to see you.

    Liked by 1 person

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