Take a Walk

Being supportive is difficult. I was not born a bra.

A few weeks ago I found myself in serious want of a new apartment and a new job, so I set out to find myself these things. Boyfriend and I decided to move in together which was an amazing and groundbreaking and totally complicated my plans.

Boyfriend has been working for his family for a few months and is hesitant to get another job. Not because he’s afraid of working, not because finding a job is hard, but because he wants to take a month this summer and hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

Inside my sometimes overthinking grown-up brain I had a million thoughts about how that complicates us getting an apartment, him getting a job, etc, etc, etc. I pushed him into applications and interviews. I pushed him to fit into a mold I’d created. I was clouded, unfair butt-head.

Boyfriend has had this dream to hike the Washington part of the PCT for years. He’s planned, he’s ready and it’s in his heart pushing on him every day.

So I have to be supportive. I love him so it’s my job to support the dreams that live in his heart.

And worry my face off about him for a solid 30 days*

*Minus the 7 days I’ll be hiking with him : )


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