Sunday Morning Life Hack: The Muse

In January I had one of the most important interviews of my young adult life: Columbia University, Teacher’s College, Peace Corps Fellows. We all know how that boiled down.

(I should note that I didn’t kill anybody or become a drug lord, I just, got into the school…)

My victory in the interview was probably 60% because of The Muse.

The Muse is a fantastic website filled with resources for career development. From job search to retirement, they’ve got your back. I went through at least ten interview guides, whittling away at my answers until I felt comfortable. I used this guide to conquer every possible question, the hardest being “what’s your greatest professional weakness?.” Spoiler alert: “I just work too hard” is not the answer.

Basically every time I got nervous, I pulled up an article to calm my nerves:

There’s two key ways to muse; browse articles and search for specifics or sign up for a free account, list your preferences for skills and job openings and they will tailor the site to you and send you job openings if you are looking for a job.

The second option is 100% worth it because The Muse is kind of like that mentor you always hoped would teach you how to properly format a resume or write a cover letter.

At the end of the day, my parents told me to drop in and check on the status of my application because that worked for them. My older friends have told me to list 3-5 references on my resume because that worked for them. My professors told me to only apply for jobs I was at least 80% qualified for. The Muse taught me that all of this is outdated. It’s like the compu-mentor that can teach you the old ways in an up-to-date format and land you the future dream job.

If I could hug The Muse, I would hug it so hard. Ch-ch-ch-check it out, here.


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