Sunday Morning Life Hack:

**Alright so it’s not quite Sunday Morning anymore, but what do you want from me, I can’t control time.**

A while back I wrote about the glory that is Firmoo and getting super cheap glasses, today I’d like to tackle contacts. Which should be pretty easy because I’m a human and they are tiny and fragile…

In eighth grade, after years of being told I should wear my glasses, not wearing my glasses, and general blindness, my mom decided contacts might be a better fit. After school, I walked to the eye doctor and had the assistant teach me about cleaning my contacts and show me how to put them in and take them out. They felt a little funny but overall ok.

Until I walked outside. I walked about a block before deciding my eyes were broken forever, it was over. I ran back to the eye doctor and told them the trouble:

When I’d walked outside, I could see all the way down the street, like the details and everything. The assistant laughed and explained that that is what normal vision is like. I jumped in; no, no, but you don’t understand, I can see the lights on the traffic light…

After that day I was hooked, with those babies I could actually see the world and no one needed to know I was blind. I was like a secret agent. This admiration of contacts continued until college, specifically to my first eye appointment I had to pay for. Suddenly contacts were going to cost me hundreds of dollars each year even with insurance.

This has haunted me for years, leading me to find a cheap glasses resource and wear primarily glasses. But sometimes it’s nice to have contacts too.

Enter: 1800 Contacts

I remember 1800 Contacts being around when I was younger but didn’t order through them. My mom and I have used Coastal for years and been happy with them, save for the price but there isn’t much to be done about that. Or so I thought.

The reason I was led to 1800 contacts was not their prices, but their price match policy. Searching around the internet I’d found cheaper contacts on amazon, ACLens, and Contact Lens Heaven,  but also found seriously mixed reviews.

I worry about buying online with contacts because you never know when your prescription will get messed up or you’ll get contacts with impending expiration dates. 1800 Contacts having a good reputation and price match sold me.

I chose to order through customer service chat so I could ask questions and get a quote as well. The representative was super nice and helpful. He walked me through the price match options, simply asking for the URLs for the other sites I’d found and giving me quotes. He explained the best ways to send in my prescription (I was able to scan and email it but you can also take a photo and text it or have them contact the doctor) and then gave me free shipping. Dude was a boss.

He told me I’d have my contacts by tomorrow, the 24th. The got here yesterday.

When they arrived I checked the expiration dates, the prescription, the types of lenses and everything was in order. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again.

Oh and it saved me about $40. That’s like 40 tacos.


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