Big Sisterly Advice from No One’s Big Sister

I recently had the…opportunity?… to spend some time with a young woman significantly younger than myself. I don’t a younger sister, but it made me think about the sort of things I would tell her if I did.

Here are some solid life lessons for my “kid sister”:

Giving your mom attitude is a phase, giving your boss attitude is a self-made opportunity to return to the job search.

Don’t waste your money. Ok, waste your money a little bit, but don’t leave yourself open to wondering how your life would be different ten years later if you hadn’t dropped several grand on a flashy car.

Boys who write “I want you,” or any other comment that should be saved for privacy, on a public forum are not…just, they are not, just don’t.

The forces in your life that challenge you are the ones to listen to, the ones that let you get away with all manner of foolishness are the ones to get rid of, and the ones who cut you down are the ones to give hell.

Your body is beautiful. It will change and it will continue to be beautiful. Cover it up or post it all over the internet but don’t do either out of shame or insecurity.

Respect yourself. Challenge yourself. Set goals for yourself. Be proud of yourself. You are the only person who will be there from start to finish. Make sure you love that person.

Best of luck.


3 thoughts on “Big Sisterly Advice from No One’s Big Sister

  1. Well, OK, I know the “scientists” now tell us that the (rational part of) the human brain does not fully mature till 25 or so. Combine that thought with my own personal direction to my daughters and those significantly younger than myself to not even consider marriage until minimum 30. The net result is my considered opinion that you, my dear, are still an under qualified adult at your current age of 27, but, as I may have stated before, you should be at least minimally qualified as an adult by the time you reach that magic milestone. I’m sure that process has been energized by your actual real world experience in other more real worlds on this planet. Congratulations for reaping those benefits.

    I’m sure your sisterly advice would be well received by one who is significantly younger than yourself. Unfortunately, my daughters are only 17 months apart in age so the younger would not appreciate the perspective of the elder and, really, they have processed their experiences in similar manners due to the closeness of their ages.

    That being said, I agree with most of your advice, which probably took me longer to formulate for myself, like into my early 30s, but I have always been a late bloomer. I also think young people in my generation retained our innocence a little longer. Everything moves so much faster today. And, although I don’t recognize many of your references in this and your previous post, I applaud your appreciation for my main gal Whoopee Goldberg (or as I like to think of her “the Woopster”). You mentioned a book and author in your previous post that I would probably replace with “Bossy Pants by Tina Fey. Ms Fey is probably a generation behind me but, as a late bloomer, I recognized myself in many of her situations and in agreement with her words of advice.


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