The Sunday Morning Life Hack: Dollar Shave Club

About a month ago I realized I was out of razor blades. On my next trip to the grocery store, I looked around and found that a pack of 6 would cost me an arm, a leg, my soul, and my first-born child.

Desperate to find a deal, I looked at cheaper stores, I searched Costco, I went for disposable. Only to find that these tiny, sharp devils didn’t really get any cheaper.

Enter: Dollar Shave Club

If you frequent facebook, instagram, or, well, the internet, you’ve probably seen the ads for DSC. I know I have.

With all the subscription services out there, I was hesitant. It seems these days you can get meals, snacks, make up, skincare, clothes, the souls of children, really anything you want in a subscription service.

Honestly if I signed up for everything that looked interesting to me, I would be broke every month. But looking into DSC, I realized it was the only one I’d found that offered something I already spend way too much money on for cheaper.

DSC sends you the razor handle for free in the first shipment and then sends four replacement razors each month. There are a few options to choose from, each a different razor ranging from $1 per month to $9 per month. Now those are some prices I can get on board with.

For me, the $6 option seemed the best deal, but I found myself in a bit of a quandary. I really don’t see myself using four razors a month as I typically only shave a couple of times a week. And in the winter, even less.

I emailed the company asking if I could receive fewer razors and have a cheaper plan and got the nicest response from an actual human person.

Their support staff explained that I can switch to an every other month plan and receive four razors at the start or every second month. They also told me that with their “not so hairy plan” I’d only be billed for the months I receive a shipment.


So, I get to shave with actually sharp blades and I end up paying $36/year. Where do I sign up?

Sign up process was simple and my box was shipped the morning after I signed up, getting it to my house a couple of days later. My initial box came with a very sturdy, actually metal handle, four solid blades and a sample of their shave butter.


My biggest concern was receiving everything and realizing I was paying for the same or a lower caliber product. Um, nope. These razors actually cut hair. Like, they cut it. They were sharp enough that I had to be really careful shaving after years of using cheap, dull disposables from the grocery store.

Overall, this is a pretty fantastic company and I’m quite pleased. I’ll save a decent chunk of change and the money I do pay, goes to a solid product. Dollar Shave Club is a definite recommend.

Sign up here!

Best of luck!


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