Interviewsday: Skincare Edition

Working at a spa, I am constantly surrounded by positive, good-hearted, and crazy smart Massage Therapists and Estheticians. I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone to one of them and said “this hurts, fix it” or “why is my skin doing this?”

Recently we’ve hired a slew of new Estheticians and I had the pleasure to sit down with one of my favorites, Bev, and ask all of those pesky skin questions we all have.


Bev studied at Evergreen Beauty College and is a Master Esthetician, which means she is an expert in spa treatments (think: facials, microdermabrasion, peels, waxing) and the more hardcore treatments (think: lasers, lightning and witchcraft). You can learn more about Bev here and here.

How Do I Grown Up: Why did you become an Esthetician?

Bev: For the same reason that most estheticians do, I wanted to help people. I’ve always loved beauty, hair, nails, makeup but skincare is such an important link between beauty, health and well-being.

HDIGU: What should everyone be doing at home for their skin?

B: Cleanse twice a day, never (ever ever ever) sleep in your makeup, and no excuse, no negotiation, use SPF 30 every single day.

HDIGU: What products/lines do you recommend? What are your favorite drugstore brands?

B: Clarity, Dermologica, PCA, and Image are all good lines between drugstore and medical grade. Cerave and Burt’s Bees are great drugstore options.

HDIGU: What do most people forget to do/fail to understand about skin?

B: People forget that the skin is the largest organ in the body is absolutely has to be healthy for overall health.

HDIGU: When should someone see an Esthetician vs. a Dermatologist?

B: Estheticians can’t give prescriptions or official diagnoses, so you’d need a dermatologist for that.

HDIGU: Are their any conditions that make a client a bad candidate for waxing?

B: Uncontrolled diabetes, rosacea , acne, sunburn/harsh sun exposure. Check beforehand if you have any of these conditions, particularly with facial waxing.

HDIGU: How long should hair be before waxing?

B: 1/4″ – 1/2″

HDIGU: What can a client do pre/post wax to avoid pain/inflammation?

B: Exfoliate at least 24 hours before the service and stay on a regular waxing schedule, don’t wait too long!

HDIGU: How long does waxing last?

B: It depends on the client, but typically 3-6 weeks

HDIGU: What’s your favorite part of your job?

B: I love my clients, they make me really happy.

Any questions you’d like to ask our lovely esthetician? Put them in the comments and we’ll get your answer!

Best of luck!


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