That MidWeek Slump

This week has been rough, I hopped on the struggle bus Tuesday morning and haven’t gotten off since.

I could tell you all about the infuriating planning of a work event, the night I drank most of a bottle of wine and thought I was dead the entire next day, the doctors appointment that confirmed an irritating hunch, and a rude acquaintance who needs to mind her business.

And let’s be real, eventually I will tell you about all those things. But for today, let’s just enjoy some mid-week/almost end of week happiness.

Cute/Weird Animals:

Inspirational Thoughts:




This website that presents you with oodles of failed jokes told my children. An example:

wats the difrent btween a cat and a frog

thay ony have 10 legs

Here’s hoping the rest of this week goes smoothly. For all of us.

Best of luck!


2 thoughts on “That MidWeek Slump

  1. I am at the end of my work week, exhausted and ready for the weekend to come so I can… do homework. Bleh.

    Definitely needed that otter wake up. I also desperately want to adopt that cat.

    I hope your week finishes up smoothly. ❤

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