This lovely first weekend of October turned out to be rather interesting. Well, interesting in comparison to the typical “laze around in bed until mid-afternoon when I get anxious and need to do something so I force boyfriend to go for a walk with me” kind of weekend.

Saturday was hair day, the day to end the battle of the dark (and too much grey) hair invading my head. While I promised Boyfriend it would only take about 90 minutes (something I truly believed), it was close to 4.5 hours…

In the end I came out a few shades lighter, hangry as all get out and frustrated beyond belief.

Luckily for me (and honestly anyone in my general vicinity) Boyfriend is good at calming me down. After a long and ridiculous bus ride home, what calms an annoyed girl better than take-out teriyaki, ice cream and Netflix?*

Sunday morning was lazy but I got some work done over a lovely breakfast whilst Boyfriend snoozed away.

Finally we ventured out for a ridiculously crowded grocery store trip which ended up a wild success. Not only did we stock up on delightful food, but I found the Milani Matte Lipstick I’ve been searching for in stores for weeks. (Review on that tomorrow).

Sunday evening was spent with Boyfriend’s lovely family who, rather conveniently, live just down the hill from us. We played with these little monsters for a while:

Sigh, now back to work and a week of medical testing for this continuing stomach drama.

Hope your weekend was fantastic.

Best of luck.

*An 8 year old girl telling me that she “loves my outfit,” that’s what.