Reviewsday: Milani Color Statement Matte Lipstick

I am, by no means, any sort of beauty guru. I once saw a Tumblr post in response to a question about which foundation is best, which simply said “I use Maybelline Fit Me and I smear it on my face with my hands like a gorilla.”

I have never identified more with a Tumblr text post.

That being said, I quite like make up, I’m just also quite cheap.

I’m not sure where the idea came from but I’ve been in search of a good quality matte purple lipstick for a while. Honestly, I’m likely copying my amazing coworker (remember Francis?) and her cool lipstick choices.

I fell in love with Mac’s Heroine:

…but not the price. At $17, this one was a bit too much for me. Enter, the dupe: Milani Cosmetics.

More specifically, Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick in Glam.

Just $7 and somehow still good quality. I have braved my share of drugstore lipstick let downs; from the sticky to the dry to the ‘how did this get to this part of my face’ I’ve seen it all.

Milani was different. Easy to apply and easy to wear, and though a matte color, it wasn’t drying. I did have to reapply but not more than twice in the day. And the color, oh that color:

Yeah, it’s love.


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