Procrastination Station

The Best Way to Get Things Done is to Just Begin

Hello, my name is Becca, and I’m a procrastinator.

In fact, as I’m writing this I am actively procrastinating. I was supposed to post this blog by midday…yesterday.

In my relatively short life, I’ve learned that procrastinating takes skill. It may look like laziness but doing it right takes serious knowledge. Not effort, mind you, but knowledge.

Specifically, knowing what you can potentially pull out in the last moment* and what you absolutely cannot.

One of my most memorable procrastination experiences was in High School; I remember having to do a project we called an anthology every year for English. It involved writing a series of book reports for 5-25 books, depending on the class, throughout the semester and then organizing them all into something classy and academic looking.

Naturally I waited until the last week to do it every year. Mind you, I skimmed some books throughout the semester, I knew what I was going to write about. I had an outline. But that last night before it was due I typically got an hour of sleep at best.

The consequences? I got an A- pretty much every year. Why? Because one of my strengths in life, I’ve learned, is my ability to write well under pressure. I know, because I’ve tested it, that I can write an A, well A-, paper overnight if need be.

Now all that bragging aside, there are a few times I’ve gotten myself in trouble. Most memorably when I waited way too long to get my references, and necessary forms for an application to a teacher certification program. I didn’t get the application in and had to wait a year to apply again.

Even though I eventually got in and decided not to go, that moment still haunts me. I had to forgo a great opportunity simply because I didn’t get my shit together in time.

I know that when it comes to application materials, I need the time, I need to start weeks, maybe even months early because there is a knack for organization involved that I simply don’t possess.

I suppose the point of all this is that life isn’t about being perfectly organized and doing everything on time. That’s impossible. It’s about knowing what you, personally, have the skill to push off until the last moment and knowing what you cannot.

Those things that deeply frighten you and keep you up at night? Those things you know you simply can’t mess up, that you have to get right? Those things your aren’t certain you can even do? Those are the things you should start on now, don’t wait. And when those things try to terrify you right back to bed, push against them, just a little, and start moving forward. One step at a time.

Best of luck.

*Heh heh heh


3 thoughts on “Procrastination Station

  1. I grew into this way of being, mostly after working in a place where nearly all issues came with ridiculously impossible deadlines which were revealed to be also totally unnecessary after the passage of less than a day. Prior to that, procrastination was often accompanied by eating something to fill the void of not doing what I should have been doing at the time. That continues to be true so now I just fiddle on the computer to fill most of that time instead of eating, though eating is still a favorite way to kill time, along with eating and mindless TV watching.

    Fortunately for me, retirement involves very few issues that come with deadlines. I have also created a bit of a song to go with my attitude, sung to the tune of “Reproduction” from the film “Grease 2”: Procrastination (procrastination), I don’t wanna do it now.


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