I’m a Basic White Girl

I am. #sorrynotsorry

Ok, no I am sorry for that, that was a level of obnoxious I shouldn’t have gone too. Apologies.

When I got home last winter, I was terrified of a lot of things: Americans thinking I was gross, the pressure to shower every day (I still don’t believe people actually do that), trying to find a job, the Snapchat. One thing stood out in my mind though as I walked past the airport Starbucks and smelled the Pumpkin Spice: I was horrified at the prospect that I was basic.

I should note that the term “basic” became a thing while I was gone and I didn’t have a complete grasp on it when I returned. But…

I love PSLs and leggings and Pinterest and infinity scarves. I’ve never owned Ugg Boots but I might just buy a knockoff pair. On a nice evening I might just light a fall-themed, scented candle while I latergram photos of changing leaves and pumpkins I took last weekend. After that I’m’a throw on a flannel and and google funny Halloween costume ideas.

Know why? Because all of those things are great and have little to no reflection on my personality, goals or personal failings. My Starbucks order doesn’t define whether I’m a good friend just like the number of hours I spend looking up gluten-free muffin recipes on Pinterest doesn’t speak to my education.

I will say that I’m not ok with the idea of basic white girls throwing around money like it’s nothing, or abusing outdoor gear to look down-to-earth. But these sins feel more on the level of people referring to California  as “Cali” and telling you they’re, like, really into Kale lately. Weird and obnoxious? Sure. But actually hurting anyone? Probably not.

So, sure, I’m basic, but so is that soft, cotton v-neck you’re wearing and it’s pretty damn comfy, isn’t it?

Note: This post is written in totally good-spirited jest, I am 100% not offended by the stereotype because I know that there are worse stereotypes out there that people deal with every day. I will never pretend I’m being persecuted when labeled at a basic white girl because we still live in a world wear racial slurs, gender roles, and general hate are far too prevalent.


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