Interviewsday: Employment Edition

In light of recently being fired, I sat down with one of my favorite coworkers ever, Francis, who, as I mentioned quit without notice after I was asked to leave.*

Francis is not only one of the most talented human beings I’ve ever met, but also such a deeply kind individual. It is impossible to meet her and not instantly fall in love with her. So, I interviewed her about the ins and outs of bad jobs, when to get out, and what a good job should look like.

Here we go! (And don’t forget to check Francis’ awesome movie blog out here)

How Do I Grown Up: I suppose we could say it’s been a whirlwind week for both of us. You had  a lovely vacation with a wonderful boyfriend, only to come back to total chaos. How’re you feeling about everything?

Francis: I am honestly feeling much better today than Thursday morning when I got your text saying that you had just been fired. As you mentioned I had spent that entire week beforehand with my boyfriend watching tons of movies and eating painful amounts of delicious food, and then it all ended with having to leave my job. But I’ve had time to process everything so I am feeling calm. A tad nervous about the future, but overall calm.

HDIGU: What made you decide to quit in the end? (Besides missing my lovely face)

F: Definitely the biggest deciding factor in quitting had to do with you being fired, but I also hated that job so much. I was worn out with the unnecessary drama and feeling of hopelessness that nothing was going to change. In all honesty I should have left sooner, but I didn’t. Which is fine. I regret nothing!

HDIGU: What are the unforgivable sins of an employer? A coworker? A client?

F: As far as employers go, the most unforgivable sin in my eyes is blatant disrespect and that comes in MANY forms. Disrespect can be lack of communication, stifling of responsibilities, mocking staff members, pitting staff members against each other, hindering personal growth of staff and the business, alienating staff….can you tell I’m referring to one person? Ha ha!

Sins of a coworker are different. Probably the biggest thing that has ever gotten under my skin was leaving messes for other coworkers to pick up. Whether it’s difficult clients, leaving tasks undone, not explaining an upcoming situation or leaving your coworker to flounder…that is inexcusable and one of the biggest thing I HATE being submitted to.

When it comes to being a client, it’s impatience. They say that the customer comes first and that they’re always right but that’s bullshit. If the person assisting you is having a difficult time, don’t give them a hard time. I don’t care how hard YOUR day was, now you’re submitting someone else to what YOU were submitted to earlier. Just don’t be mean. Have a heart, be a nice person, don’t give anyone a reason to snot-rocket into your coffee.

HDIGU: Was there anything you wish you’d handled differently or would encourage others to handle differently?

F: KNOW YOUR SELF WORTH!!! I wish I had taken this into account and left MUCH earlier because my time and talents are worth so much more than the treatment I got. It’s one thing to pay your dues, it’s another to be taken advantage of. If you are miserable at your job and feel deeply unhappy going to, being at, or leaving work – you need to go elsewhere. I know it’s scary but your mental health is worth more than this job.

HDIGU: What do you look for in a great job?

F: What makes a great job is the people, no question. You never HAVE to be friends with the people you work with, but if you’re able to form strong bonds then you are incredibly lucky. And that goes for your boss too. No hovering, nit-picking, or other general irritating behavior. No job is perfect, but I’ve been lucky enough to walk away from 98% of the jobs I’ve had with amazing friends in tow. I’d say that’s super kick ass.

HDIGU: Dude, there should be tinder for the job market where employers and employees can go on and be honest. So rather than bullshitting each other in interviews saying things like “competitive pay” and “I’m a perfectionist,” we just say “I’m looking for someone to work a lot of hours for cheap” and “I just want to make money because I don’t know what my long term goals are yet.” Honesty. In the workplace. What an idea. That wasn’t a question….thoughts?

F: THIS NEEDS TO BE A REAL THING!!!!!! That would make the job hunt so much easier – kind of like the personal ads on Craigslist. Oh, you’re looking for an Asian SSBBW who knows how to give a foot job and is willing to wear latex? Well now I know not to waste my time here. You’re wanting to hire someone who is willing to work on-call overtime but be compensated well for it? Perfect!

HDIGU: What do you wish employers were more honest about?

F: That’s a tough one because I feel like it varies for each job. When I worked at the radio station I wish I had been told “You are going to work 3x the hours you signed on for, as well as be on call 24/7 and there’s no way you’re going to be able to make more money.” At my first spa I wish my boss had said “I have major mood swings and will say mean things that I don’t mean to you, but you really are doing a great job. Just ignore my stupid mouth.” And at my last job I wish my boss had just said “I don’t know how to treat people and shouldn’t own a business, I recommend you find a job elsewhere and not waste your time with my horrible attitude and perspective on life.” It all varies.

HDIGU: So, dearest Francis, what’s next for you?

F: I don’t really know but I’ve come to the point now where that’s okay. I don’t really have a dream job in mind – can I get paid for blogging yet? – and I don’t have any long term goals for my future aside from owning a cat and hopefully getting married. But I have a piece of advice my grandma gave me that I plan on putting to use: “You may not know what you want to do, but you certainly know what you DON’T want to do.” so I’m going to apply for jobs and hope I get interviews and hired for something. I’ll cross my fingers and wear my good interview clothes and hope for the best. After leaving that horrible job, I feel much more optimistic about the future and like good things are coming for me.

Thanks Francis! And best of luck to all of you!

*We recently learned that I was replaced by an awful former employee, which hurt my feelings a lot at first. I haven’t totally let it go but I’m putting it in the footnotes, where her and that terrible owner belong.


4 thoughts on “Interviewsday: Employment Edition

  1. Haha! I fully support the idea of having a Tinder-like app for job seekers.
    Unfortunately a lot of employers “forget” that honesty is the best policy and as we all know, a relationship built on lies never ends well.

    I wish you both luck! Your optimism is refreshing 🙂



  2. Haha! I fully support the idea of having a Tinder-like app for job seekers. Unfortunately a lot of employers “forget” that honesty is the best policy and as we all know, a relationship built on lies never ends well.
    I wish you both luck! Your optimism is refreshing 🙂


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