While there is definitely a tendency toward using “treat yo’self” as an excuse to be lazy, I cannot and will not under-stress the importance of self-care. Just being kind to yourself – body, mind, spirit – can make or break so many aspects of life.

Life isn’t being wholly selfish or selfless because both of those things eventually lead to selfishness, either you want to care too much about yourself or you have to. You cannot care for others if you don’t care for yourself.

You must fill your own pitcher before filling everyone else’s cup

Selfish vs. selfless is daily changing spectrum, not a definition of character. How much do you need to care for yourself today? How much can you give to others tomorrow if you are selfish today?

I have been through tough times in my life, break you down and beat you times, what the hell is the point times. They’ve all been different in my reaction and healing process.

Sometimes I needed time to be sad, sometimes I needed a long bath, sometimes I needed the distraction of good friends, sometimes I needed a good journal write. But each of those things and so many other had in common that I was looking out for me. I was comforting myself.

You can’t run on fumes forever. You can’t. Cars run on fumes until they either run out of gas or take the time to fill up.

So take a moment today and ask yourself if you need to take care of you today or if you can give that care to someone else. Either answer is right, so long as you ask the question.

Best of luck!