Go Play

I am feeling this quote so much today. 

Working with little kiddos again, there’s simply no room to be self conscious, there’s no room for self doubt. You have to jump and play and laugh and be friends with everyone. You have to be yourself because no one’s asking you to be anyone else. 

I wish adults could just accept and love and play like this. 

Go be you! Best of luck!


7 thoughts on “Go Play

  1. It does take luck to find a place where you can be comfortable by being you. I think Ms Coco Chanel may have found that in Paris and in fashion when she lived in those worlds. Her unique view of life and of fashion are truly showcased in the quote you used here. Beauty, especially its recognition in oneself, is found in the eye of the (self-confident) beholder.


  2. I love this. And I totally agree – when I’m at work with young kids, I see how simply they ask, “Hey, wanna play at recess?” and I wish adults were as fearless. It’s true kids can be pretty mean too though. But they’re still much less afraid of life and people! Loved this post, thank you for the reminder to play 🙂

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    1. I completely agree. Childhood isn’t perfect either but I have seen so many kids get in arguments and then just apologize and get over it. The world moves too fast for conflict in little
      minds. Glad you liked the post, thank you for reading!

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  3. Oh how I wish that too! Confidence and a lack of self-consciousness is such an attractive quality and tapping into that childlike experience of the world can be such a great way to throw off insecurities!

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