I work in an elementary school, where Halloween is all about the three Cs: costumes, candy and can I please have some more candy?

It can be such a lovely holiday for young and old alike so here’s a How To for having a fun (and safe) Halloween:

Surround yourself with people you like. 

Not the “fun ones” or just the “party animals.” You’d be amazed how much fun you have when you’re comfortable and in good company. Whether that’s a huge group, a small gathering or just you and your laptop.

Dress comfortably

That doesn’t have to mean sweatpants but make sure you can function relatively well in your costume. If you feel uncomfortable in a sexy nurse costume or a banana onesie or 10 inch platforms or an art smock, don’t wear it.

At the end of the day it’s not about choosing to be sexy or not, it’s about choosing to be comfortable in your skin and your costume. Because you should definitely wear both.

Make decent choices. 

You don’t have to abstain from drinking and hooking up with strangers just don’t use Halloween as an excuse to forget safety. Alcohol poisoning is a bitch and sexual assault isn’t a joke, have fun but stay safe.

Go home when you’re done. 

I have always pushed myself to stay out super late on club nights because that’s what being fun is, right? Right?!

Maybe, I don’t know but I do know that I’m not fun at 4 am when I’m walking home barefoot and my make up has melted off my face. Conjur that imagine when you’re wondering if it’s time to bail.

Don’t harass kids. 

Don’t be a douche, let them have a fun, silly, safe Halloween. Do not scare them or chase them or get pissy that they’re out trick or treating on your night. If you see them just smile at them and let them have their fun, nervous parents will thank you.


It seems to make everything more fun.

Beast of luck! (See what I did there? Heh heh.)