Moving Forward 

I have a terrible habit of letting fear take over. My biggest regrets in life come from the moments I let fear say no for me. The moments I was brave enough to say yes, even when they ended in a less-than-perfect way, are not riddled with regrets and mistakes. 

At worst a chance taken and failed is a good story. 

In my adult life I’ve learned that jumping is important. Even when your hands shake before you go, even when you fall for a second before life catches you, even when the harness tugs too hard, just jump. 

I jumped with Peace Corps. I didn’t actually think I could do it. I also didn’t fully grasp what exactly I was doing. I’m still not 100% sure what happened…but it changed me, it expanded me, it broke me apart so I could rebuild. 

So, go. Jump. Do. Be brave. 

And best of luck. 


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