How To: See Seattle

This week I’m celebrating my one year anniversary of returning from Peace Corps and was so lucky to have a little reunion with volunteer friends last weekend. Brittany and Dd are my fellow Northern desert pals who I hadn’t seen since closing my service.

In planning for them to visit, I knew that we could realistically sit around on a roof, drink beers and BS the whole trip, but I wanted to show them Seattle.

And so we saw, we experienced and we had a pretty damn good time.

Of course we started at the Space Needle, though we didn’t go to the top because, expert tip, it’s overpriced and not very tall.

We visited the Pacific Science Center which is a must for children of all ages. Six year old Becca was obsessed and 27 year old Becca totally still is.


We wandered around after dark in search of food and found amazing Vietnamese at the Green Leaf in Belltown.  

We explored Pike Place Market and the gum wall at Post Alley which will soon be washed away for the first time in 20 years.


And wandered toward the waterfront.


Eventually we found $4 beers in Pike Place (including tax) at Local Color.


In continuing photos of the Space Needle from below…we walked to the Experience Music Project (EMP) where we learned about Hendrix, Nirvana, Gaming and all manner of guitars. We also spent hours in the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror exhibits.

We finished the night off with Ethipian food in Columbia City at Cafe Ibex where the waitress was really wonderful and not only helped us pick out food and beer but then taught a us how to eat it.

Finally, on the way to drop Dd at the airport and say goodbye, we found Bob’s Burgers, home of “American/Chinese fusion.”

I loved having friends in from out of town because it was such a fantastic way to see this beautiful city. What about you, have you had any adventures in Seattle?

Best of luck.


4 thoughts on “How To: See Seattle

  1. Well, Seattle is “different,” but in a “good way,” like you! My main recollection of my one visit there many, many moons ago, is of the Underground City, which I thought at the time was unique to Seattle buy have since discovered that y’all are not the only people who have one. There is even one here in my sort-of adopted but only nearby semi-large city of Knoxville, TN. Haven’t been there, though, since I figure when you’ve seen one underground city, you’ve seen them all, kind of like caves, caverns and underground lakes.

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    1. I forget how beautiful it is sometimes, but this staycation totally reminded me. I had no idea you were coming in December, that’ll be a fun trip! Yeah the gum wall is apparently just getting cleared away but I think people can start sticking gum again after. Like its a hygiene thing I guess.

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