Monday Motivation: Figuring It Out

You Don't Have to Have It All Figured Out to Move Forward

When I have an important task to finish,  I like to have a pristine work space, a perfectly warm beverage, and good lighting. It’s actually not procrastination, I like to give myself the perfect situation in which to work.

The thing is, life isn’t like that. If you wait for perfect lighting, cleanliness, and temperature, the best things might pass you by. Some of my best days were also bad hair days, some of my best memories were made on the off days.

In two months I’m moving to a new city, entering one of the most prestigious teaching programs in the world, and finally starting my career. Just as I’ve settled a bit in Seattle, I’m switching it all around again.

Truth is, I have no idea what I’m doing and it’s terrifying. I’d love to take the time to make sure everything is absolutely perfect before jumping into this ocean but there simply isn’t time if I want to go and experience.

So I’m trying to be brave. It comes in between bouts of irrational tears and total despair but it’s there. Because moving forward is much more about bravery than perfection.

Best of luck.



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