How To: Improve a Bad Day

Bad days are like things that you sometimes have, sometimes you have them.

Last week I had a crappy day. I subbed at a new school and because I take assignments from a very simplistic automated system, I never know details about the job or the school. This makes every day an adventure!

Except the district listed the wrong address, so I got lost. Once I figured out the correct address, I was ignored by office staff repeatedly. After the head secretary held up her index finger to me and said “you need to wait,” and I’d waited a full five minutes, I was directed to my classroom.

The class was great, until it wasn’t. A few minutes before the final bell, one kid had a kicking, screaming, biting meltdown over her birthday present, another started sobbing, and another dumped everything out of his backpack onto the floor. It took a small army but we got them on the bus. So, fighting a frustrating day, a traffic jam from hell, an annoying last minute cancellation, and my own inability to use my GPS, I got home. Pissed.

Luckily, I’ve had a lot of these days. Angry, what the hell, I can’t believe anyone would even have the gaul to consider speaking to me right now I am so upset days. So here’s a few tips for when your next one comes around.

Sweat It Out

Exercise releases all of the chemicals into our brain that turn murderous rage into blissful relief. A few endorfins can squash anxiety, anger or just a down moment.

It doesn’t have to be Cross Fit to be helpful. Take a walk, do some yoga, go for a run, stretch, dance, just move around. Shake the negativity loose.

Let It Out


I’m a journal-er. When I’m upset about something, it helps me to sit down and write about it. Sometimes it’s a sad, ‘listening to Lana Del Rey and cry’ journaling. Sometimes it’s a time to sort out my crazy brain. After I got fired, I wrote a long, angry letter to my former boss that made me feel better and shows impressive creativity with obscenities.

Maybe your thing isn’t journaling, maybe it’s talking/ranting to a friend, reading blogs or books for more information, or any manner of things. Just find a way to let everything out.

Let It Go


This is the hardest part. Even though anger hurts, there is some sick want in me when I get all amped up to just keep yelling, to keep being mad. That fire doesn’t go out with one bucket of water.

But the fact of the matter is that a bad day doesn’t have to be lost. I got home at 4:30 on my bad day and decided to turn it around. I had a good Friday night because I let myself. The sooner you let the crap day go, the sooner you can start having a less-crap day.


Best of luck!

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7 thoughts on “How To: Improve a Bad Day

  1. Really good advice. I aspire to engage in the first two remedies more often than I do but, since I’m lazy, I really only use the last one on a regular basis. Really, doing one of the first two probably helps you to accomplish the last anyway.

    Love your artwork for this post. Reminds me of my weekly appointment TV show, “CBS’ Sunday Morning,” which uses many representations of the sun in its “go to commercial” logos. I have been a faithful and usually live viewer for many years in all of the places I have lived. The vignettes almost always bring a smile to my face and improve my week before it even really starts.

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  2. I’ve had plenty of crappy days this month but I have been trying to focus on the fun and beautiful moments and stay positive. Not always easy but acknowledging the good silly moments, you take away the focus from the bad ones.

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