One Year Anniversary

One year ago I had a tequila-sodden conversation with a lovely human being and went from calling that wonderful human “omg he’s not my boyfriend, shut up” to, simply, “Boyfriend”.


In honor of my favorite person, here’s a list of 12 things* I love about him.

  1. When I text him that I’m frustrated, hurt or upset about something, his first response is something to the effect of “I love you and you are a beautiful, smart, strong person” and then a response to the issue at hand.
  2. He supports me in all my crazy dreams.
  3. When I tell him he’s amazing or wonderful or great he always responds “shut up baby, I know it.”
  4. Despite sharing my social anxiety, he’s always up for weddings, parties, and dinners with me.img_5193
  5. He’s unendingly patient.
  6. I can do or say basically anything in front of him and he still loves me. Even in my stinkiest moments…
  7. He’s a delightful nerd.img_4582
  8. He’s always learning. Being educated because you put years in at school is one thing, but continuing your understanding of the world through articles, books, and documentaries is something else. And boy, does Boyfriend ever love his documentaries.
  9. He’s polite and always respectful. Of me, of my loved ones, of his loved ones, of strangers, etc.image3
  10. When I refer to “the rest of our life together” or “forever” he doesn’t get weirded out. Also, when I get over excited at a friend’s wedding and mention our wedding, he doesn’t get freaked out.
  11. He genuinely cares about others. Boyfriend is that guy who holds the door open, and offers people help, and worries about loved ones.img_5131-1
  12. I aspire to be like him. As I get older I realize the value of loved ones not only loving you, but also challenging you. I want to learn from the people I surround myself with, and Boyfriend teaches me every day.

Best of luck.


*I considering writing 365 things and could have done it but you would have gotten bored


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