Moving Away Part 2: How Do I Packing?

It’s been a productive week. Let’s see; last Wednesday I send off boxes via greyhound, Thursday I sold, donated, and packed the remainder of my things and Friday I casually moved from Seattle to New York. No big.


I’m not gonna lie, as I laid on the floor of my tiny, new apartment, listening to people yelling in the hallway, I considered whether I’d perhaps made a mistake. I panicked a little. And then I slept and got up and got moving and, well, we’ll get to all that later.

First: How Do I Packing?

Moving is right up there with student loans, taxes, and healthcare when it comes to adulthood. It’s terrible but necessary. But as  with most terrible adulthood tasks, if you’re going to do it, do the crap out of it. Here are a few things I learned on my first cross-country move.

  • Fly Southwest: Dude, just do it, ok? Southwest is the only remaining major airline that doesn’t charge for bags. That means two checked bags up to 62″ and 50 lbs that go for free, plus a carry-on (up to 10 x 16 x 24) with no weight limit and a personal item. That’s a lot of stuff to transport for free. The ticket prices are also comparable to other airlines, we paid $200 one way Seattle to New York, but we also bought our tickets only a week ahead of time. If you’re flexible on dates you can also use the flexible dates tool which shows you the ticket prices for a given month, or several months, on each day so you can choose when to go based on prices. Southwest_free-bags_f680x2001.jpg


  • Ship Things: Typically shipping companies like USPS, UPS, Fed-Ex are a no, but plenty of companies exist simply for people to ship their sh*t when they move. This go around I chose Greyhound to ship dishes, small appliances, and several other items. I sent three giant, extremely heavy boxes for under $200. Greyhound sends them on their buses and you pick them up 7-10 days later in your new city. Some cities offer home delivery for a small fee, NYC does not because I wouldn’t deliver here either. If you are transporting bigger items and don’t fancy driving a U-haul, try pods. A friend of mine just moved her entire household, including large furniture, using pods for about $800.3efd279b46834fd24d287daeead46faa


  • Take Care of Yourself: Boyfriend and I caught a pretty terrible cold a few days before flying and after altitude changes and climate changes, it’s got a grip on us. I can tell you I’m almost certain that we might have avoided the sickness had we taken better care of ourselves. Moving is stressful, but try to get enough sleep, eat well, and take a walk when you can. Give yourself enough time and grant yourself mental health moments when you need them. (Yes you do, put down the packing tape and go outside.)hqdefault.jpg

For anyone out there moving, I feel you, bro.

Best of luck.


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