Stress, Anxiety, and Starting Over

You know when you get a text and totally mean to respond to it when you think of something funny but you put it off and then suddenly it’s been three weeks and you haven’t relied? Well that happened with me and this blog. Oops.


Three weeks ago, almost a month now actually, Boyfriend and I moved to New York, saw our tiny, studio apartment for the first time, panicked, proceeded to fill it with furniture, I started school, and the giant rolling Boulder continues chasing me through the tunnel of adulthood.

So let’s talk about stress.


Oof. It’s a killer. Stress has made me cry, vomit, lose sleep, oversleep, yell, thrash. It’s made me angry and mean, it’s paralyzed me with pain doctors couldn’t diagnose. It’s caused migraines and panic attacks and dangerously low blood pressure.

It’s like that person who swoops in after you’ve procrastinated on something and you’re in the final countdown to get it done, not to help but to say “you know, if you’d started earlier…”

Stress is not my friend. And it isn’t yours either.

I’ve talked before about self care, and actually written a similar post about stress, but in the past week of endless papers, books, students, and a sense of not belonging, I’ve noticed the need for a “help me, I’m panicking” guide. So here it is, friends:



Unless you’re crossing the street, in which case cross and then stop.

I know you have a septillion things to do, but just hold for a minute. Sit down or lay down.  Take ten deep breaths. Drink a glass of water, it replenishes your body quickly and helps increase focus. Think of one thing that makes you happy: a goat falling down a slide, a cat and a crow who are best friends, that time your friend repeatedly fell down on the ice and you tried not to laugh. Anything.



The self deprecation, the self hate, the self pity. Drop it. Let it go. Forget if you wasted time before or you’re running out of time now or you’re scared that you’ll mismanaged time again. You did, you are, you probably will. Getting upset over it won’t help you. Hating yourself for it won’t make you better.



If all else fails, find a big hill, lay down and roll down that damn hill like you mean it. Nothing eases stress quite like acting like a kid.


If you’re still in the red zone, reach out. Friends are friends because they listen. And if none of them want to listen, I’m here.

Best of luck.


5 thoughts on “Stress, Anxiety, and Starting Over

  1. I am ALL about acting like a child to blow off some steam. Know what my favorite therapy is? I mean other than Ben and Jerry’s, trashy television, and getting wine drunk, obviously… Swinging! I’ll go to the park on a nice, sunny, warm day and hop on the swing set (or the monkey bars!) for 15 minutes and feel like a whole new person.

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    1. I totally feel you on this. Swinging is the absolute best! I solidly remember running to the playground in the middle of the night in college, dead sober, just to swing for a while. Wonderful suggestion and thanks for reading!


  2. Thank you so much for this – this was exactly what I needed. Although, sometimes I find it kinda difficult to reach out for help, because I don’t want to seem incompetent or whiny. :/ that’s a big hurdle I need to get over.

    Also I hope you and your boyfriend are alright from all the snow! It looks crazy out there!

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