Motivation Monday: Survival

I’m a big believer in living a happy life full of challenges. I’ve undertaken many things in my life that I knew were going to be tough, really tough, but probably, hopefully worth it (cough, Peace Corps, cough).

So when this popped up on Tumblr this morning my initial thought was yeah!* But then I reconsidered.

“Just surviving” conjures thoughts of drowning in schoolwork, creating minute-by-minute schedules to get a project done, and being so tired at the end of the day that you forget to put your mouthguard in before you fall asleep. The mouthguard you need because you stress-grind your teeth.

“Thriving” brings images of nailing presentations in high-powered meeting, getting constant recognition and praise from peers and superiors, walking places in high heels without falling down and generally killing it.**

Um, can’t it be both?

I’m constantly drowning in an ocean of grad school. Everything is just at the top edge of my skill level, my brain gets fuzzy because I think so hard and so often and I now need 9-10 hours a sleep a night and 2-5 cups of coffee each morning just to reset. But I’m also doing well in my classes, getting good feedback from my professors, and having positive (and hilarious) interactions with my observation students.

I’m sur-thriving. Yeah, tell your friends, it’s gonna be a thing.

So get out there and have a great day; enjoy the give and take. Catch a train right as you get to the station but twist your ankle on the stairs. Get a project done early only to get assigned more reading. Try to get to bed early and then lay there awake for hours. Go enjoy a complicated, difficult, glorious, amazing life.

Best of luck.



*I mean it was tumblr, so my reaction was “THIS.” but same thing

**And also 13 going on 30, because obviously



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