Millennials Are Not Idiots

Hi. My name’s Becca and I’m a millennial.

I like Snapchat and Instagram, I send a lot of obnoxious selfies to people I haven’t spoken to in person in months. I spend a lot of time considering my identity and watching Netflix. I know too much about the Kardashians. I write a damn blog. I tweet my feelings about politics, religion and ice cream. I don’t really remember the world before everyone I’ve ever met was at my fingertips.

I don’t know any recipes by heart, I can’t name the presidents in order, and I am not totally confident that I can spell, well, anything. I don’t need most of that information anymore because it’s with me all the time, on my phone, on my computer, buzzing around in the cloud. Instead of focusing on memorized facts, I can develop theories and skills.

Here’s the thing: millennials aren’t dumb, they aren’t selfish, and they aren’t irresponsible. We inherited a pretty rough landscape from our forbearers. I have heard the stereotypes and BS arguments a thousand times:

She’s living with her parents?? She’s 28! She should get a job! Getting a job nowadays is not as simple as walking from store to store and handing out resumes. You need high school and college and then grad school to get to basically anything worthwhile.


So then, sure, I’ll go through all of that schooling and then just get a job, right? Wrong, brother. To land a real job in your field, you’ll need some unpaid work, probably while working another job for income. Yeah, many of us moved back in with our parents and you should probably step off.

We’re trying to fix things and make the world a little better, maybe while checking tumblr. Or maybe we’re staring at our phones because we’re looking for a job online, maybe we’re reading an article about how absolutely f****d this country is politically, maybe we’re emailing our mom, or maybe we’ve forgotten why we unlocked it because we’re so. damn. tired.

Millennials work hard. And sometimes we’re little sh*ts. And sometimes we’re deeply poetic or innovative or charitable. We are a great many things that none of the aggressive, facebook-pandering, condescending articles out there can take away.

Step off, bro, we’re fabulous.


Oh, and…

Best of luck.



10 thoughts on “Millennials Are Not Idiots

  1. Thank you for writing this post!! I feel like there’s such a bad connotation to the word “millennial” and I hate being called one even though I am one. I’m 26 and still living with my parents. I’ve already gotten my degree but it is hard finding a job in my field! I’m doing public health and an “entry level” job requires 3 years experience. Like how am I going to get that if no one is willing to hire me?! Luckily, I got a full-time job in accounting. It’s not what I aspire to do but it’s something to help pay the bills while I try to get into grad school.

    Thanks for this post. It was inspiring and felt like a big FU to older generations who look down on us. x

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    1. I’m so glad you connected with this post. My boyfriend is also really struggling to find something in his field. There’s such negativity around that, when in reality there are some very qualified, very intelligent people out there; it’s the system that’s broken. I had to give three years of my life to government organizations and work for almost free just to move forward in my career. Stick with it and know that you will get to do what you love (and you’re not a “lazy millennial.” Thanks for reading!

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  2. I think it is a cycle. The conditions for jobs and career for Millenials are quite like the conditions in the 1980s, and as in the late 1950s. Please have hope for the future, things will turn around. And Millenials will make it happen.

    And may I recommend learning to cook about 5 things with about 5 ingredients. Amounts as the spirit moves you. (And please write another thing soon!)

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  3. As I have grown older and older and OLDER, I keep teaching 20 somethings – which I guess are now called “Millennials”. For 30 years now, they have always inspired me. Made me think, “maybe they will do better than my own generation” (which I have named “Generation Pathetic” – born after 1960 – we were the ones who were handed the torch. We let it go out. And then we went shopping.). They could hardly do worse.

    Don’t feel like you have to apologize. Just keep your lives real.

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