A Dream Housewarming

You know what time it is? Almost that lovely time of year when, what I’m told is the largest number of New Yorkers for the year, will spend an insanely stressful 2-4 weeks sending countless emails and dialing countless strangers in order to find an apartment. It’s brutal, it’s dumb, and it’s the biggest sh*tshow I’ve ever seen, but hopefully this will be our last.

As a coping mechanism, I’ve been gathering a collection of my favorite housewares to help me think ahead to the fun part of moving in: decorating.

Here are some of my favorites*.


Jurassic Bloom Print //// Let’s Go Print //// Mountain Mist Print



Cuisinart Immersion Blender //// Bamboo Dish Rack //// Metal Trivet //// Granite Top Cart

OXO Salad Spinner //// Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker



Arkita Flatware Set //// Imana Stoneware Set ///// Copper Wine Rack //// Porcelain Mugs


Adorable Decor (Adecorable…?)

Hexagonal Planters //// Modern Throw Pillow //// Wall Planter Set //// Jewelry Stand


* These are all conveniently located in my *cough* Amazon wishlist *cough*

A Dream Housewarming


12 thoughts on “A Dream Housewarming

      1. It’s still not coming up. :-/ I know for Amazon you have to add an address for each wishlist (I notice you have two). Amazon doesn’t make this easy by any stretch of the imagination. It used to be simpler. And you’d think that you could just use one stinking address for all your lists, because who has a wishlist for ANOTHER PERSON??? “Buy these things for my friend!” No, buy these things for me and I’ll GIVE them to my friend.

        *ahem* Anyway. Here’s my probably awful explanation of how to figure out Amazon’s nightmare settings:

        You have to go to list settings (which is a tiny little link in the right of the grey bar where it says “your lists” “your friends” etc), which will then bring up all of your lists so you can quick edit their privacy settings. From that list, you want to click the “view details” link for the list you want, and then you should see the option to add an existing address to the list or create a new address. You might want to check the box to allow for 3rd party sellers to see your address, if you have things on your list sold on Amazon, but not BY Amazon.


        1. Most single people do live with roommates and end up paying 900-1400 depending on the neighborhood. There’s also low income housing for people making under 25-30k but that’s tough to get into and most people make more than that. Honestly we only get by because of my job. If we both worked a minimum wage job we’d come out at about 45k and not be able to afford anything but I make more than that on my own. Granted the state and city take 40% of my paycheck but that’s a whole other story. Teachers here start at 51 and move up with experience and education relatively quickly, really we have to or no one would teach here. As it stands, because I share a one bedroom with my partner, make a good amount of money, and refuse to live in expensive neighborhoods we make ends meet with enough left over for
          me to pay my student loans every month. Hopefully that didn’t get too into money, I’m told I don’t have enough of a filter talking about it. Does that kind of explain tho?

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          1. That’s super helpful and answered a question I’ve had for a long time- how teachers can afford to live in NYC and other expensive cities. Do you think it’s all worth it?! I’d live in NYC in a hot minute if I could convince my boyfriend!

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          2. It’s not worth it at all, lol. Some people would definitely disagree with me, some love it, but I’m wildly against New York. Honestly I moved here for grad school and I’m staying for a couple of years because I love my students and my school. Then I’m peacing out or the stress of the city and lack of nature is going to have me dead by 40.

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