8 thoughts on “Offered Without Commentary: Things Grown People Shouldn’t Do

  1. Love this! A girl I went to elementary school with sent me a thing on FB messenger last night. It was one of those “If you love Jesus” things. I asked her not to send things like that to me again and then blocked her on messenger. I don’t randomly spammed with nonsense. It’s so annoying.

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  2. Lol! Keepin it 100. I’m kinda guilty for sometimes speaking for I think things through but mostly everyone I know gets it and expects it and they’re kind of immune to it so meh. But yes yes and yes. My fave is the last one. Who ACTUALLY wants to be rated on anything? Man. Talk about digging your own grave lol! Fun read! I wish I could *ever* write a fun post as quick as this one. I never know when to shut UP. Xo-

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