My ThirdLove experience came in phases, bringing me through an emotional journey that I’ve known all too well as a woman. Luckily this time around, the journey had a happy ending. A perky one even.

Sorry, I know, I’m sorry, that was bad…

Phase 1: Disbelief


I’ll be honest, when a company uses the word “best,” I immediately assume they are dirty, dirty liars. Being the best of anything is a tall order. You could claim to be really good or better than most and I’d be fine but if you say you’re the best, you’re a f*cking liar.

But there was a free trial so I spite-ordered a bra, to prove that ThirdLove is not the best. They literally said you can sweat in this bra, wear it every day, wash it, and live your life extra hard in it for a month. Challenge accepted.

Phase 2: Brief Disappointment


Bra sizing is hard. Honestly I wish there was a machine at lingerie stores where you could take your shirt off, thrust your chest into it, and get measured. I used a tape measurer and multiple sizing guides and yet when the first bra arrived it was two cup sizes too big and two band inches too small.

My takeaway was brief but powerful: I am a flat yet barrel chested monster who can’t have nice things.

Phase 3: Problem Solving


Before entirely diving into body hate, I contacted ThirdLove and explained the situation. They emailed me back with some tips and suggestions and within an hour a new free trial bra had been shipped at no cost to me.

They then sent me a free printable label to return the ill fitting bra. Oh and my trial month started over when the new bra was delivered.

Phase 4: Joy?


Bra number two was a winner. I put it on and it fit better than I ever remember a bra fitting. The weird gapping at the top of the cup wasn’t showing through all of my tops and I could breathe.

Even though it was a better fit, I’d been fooled by first fit before. You try a pair of jeans and they fit like a sexy, sexy glove but by the middle of the first day you wear them, the waistband is stretched out three sizes and the center seam is trying to crawl up your—well, the fit isn’t quite so sexy anymore. So I decided to wear the absolute sh*t out of that bra.

Phase 5: On Trial


I wore that bra in the house, I wore that bra when totally soused. I wore on the train, I wore it in the rain. I wore it under sweaters, with go getters, near an Irish setter, and while mailing letters.

I washed and tugged and mangled it. And it just kept coming back for more, enduring and keeping its shape. I was bested.

Phase 6: Acceptance


Keeping the bra is easy. You just keep it and your card gets charged after the trial is over. It was easy and I had a really nice bra. The price was reasonable. You get it, the bra won.

I will say that while it’s the best bra I’ve owned and fits way better than my previous Victoria Secret, Target, and one time Fred Meyer finds, it is still a bra. It’s definitely not like wearing no bra at all or so comfortable I would sleep in it. Because it’s a bra and that’s not what bras are for.


Have you tried ThirdLove or are you interesting in testing them out? Let me know in the comments below!

Best of luck!

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