I’m not going to warn you that I’m about to talk about periods. Know why? Because it’s 2017 and periods aren’t shocking. Women bleed, they shed their uterine lining like snake skin and morph into newer, more beautiful beings every month. Get over it.


But, while periods are normal and not at all something women should feel ashamed about, period products tend to struggle.

I’m a big proponent of the Diva Cup, as I mentioned in a previous post, but recently I’ve branched out. Due to a change in birth control, I’m going through those first few months where my period is trying to figure it’s life out, which has led me to a three-week period. And, here’s the thing, the Diva Cup was great but after a week, I just couldn’t do it anymore. Because, and I can’t be alone here, anything entering any bodily orifice should be temporary and/or feel good.

So I branched out and decided to try Thinx. Yeah, I know, I bent to the hype again. Turns out though, this was not a mistake, in fact it was life changing.

The idea behind Thinx is that women should be able to handle their periods in a way that is hygienic, safe, and comfortable. The claim was that their underwear absorb blood without feeling like a pad or a diaper.


As with most things, I was drawn in not by optimism but by a sick obsession with proving that companies are lying. But damn it if Thinx didn’t make an optimist out of me.

This story starts the same way as my ThirdLove saga. Because I don’t know the size of my own body and sizing is way too variant between brands, I ordered too large. The first pair fit ok but were just a little too big which is not something you want in period panties. So I emailed the company and got a response a couple of hours later.

I filled in a brief return form online and got a message that they’d sent my a new pair in a smaller size and that I could keep the old pair at no charge. I can see why they wouldn’t want the old pair back but I was also surprised I didn’t have to pay for a new pair.

I set out once my new pair had arrived ready to seize the day (and also packing a second pair of underwear for when these failed). I sat, I walked, I ran, I jumped, I chased students up the stairs, I bent, I moved and I forgot I was wearing them. I almost forgot I was on my period. I’m that has never happened.


Every time I used the bathroom I expected a pants-pocolyse but it never happened. Everything stayed so fresh and so clean, clean. I kid you not I wondered for a moment if the underwear didn’t contain a door to another world and I’m really just bleeding into the upside down.

Jury’s still out on that one.

There are a few different styles that cover pretty much every personality. Typically I got for hipsters or bikinis, at least during my period. I found that I liked the sport, there was enough to cover a booty comfortably and no creeping.


Washing was easy too. The website reassured me that I could wash them in a regular load of clothes without separating and I was ready to find the flaw. But no, good as new with no grossness.

Their only failing was actually my personal failing. In a fit of excitement I tried to wear them a second day, but these are underwear, that would never be ok. I’m a dirty trash human and I made a mistake, ok? I’m moving past it, you should to.


What’s great is that this is all a 60 day trial, so even if you don’t like them, you can send them back for a full refund. They are expensive at about $30 a pop, but they are so, so worth it. Plus, once you have a weeks worth, you’re set, since they’re washable. I believe there’s also a discount for buying multiple pairs at a time.

Overall, Thinx gets an A+ for understanding women, making a quality product and for bailing me out on day 22 of my period.

Let me know in the comments if you’re interested in trying or have tried Thinx out. Hilarious and/or embarrassing period story are also welcome.

Best of luck.

A Thinx Review (1)