Let’s continue this set of blogs where I buy things from the internet and back up the endless purchases with “what? I can write a blog about it!”, shall we?


ICYMI, I recently wrote about my experience with Thinx and ThirdLove. My underwear situation is solid. Time to tackle hair care. For today is a good day to DYE!*

Let me start by telling you a tale; a tale of a young girl with unruly hair. Of course, I was not blessed with hair until age two, prompting many people to assume I was a boy, A very cute boy, until then. When my hair finally came in, it was dark blonde and curly.


By kindergarten, however it had started to darken and became a dark brown, though the curls never left. I went through countless curling irons, straighteners, shampoos, serums, and failed instances of thinking I should get bangs. When I discovered dye, I went from red to blue to purple to blonde to green to pink to blonde again to accidental orange to blonde to two-tone and back to brown.

I still remember being 15 years old, halfway trough my sophomore year, and finding my first grey hair. While staring at myself in the bathroom mirror and puzzling over breakouts, I noticed it, right there in the middle of my part, front and center.

I plucked it without a thought but it was too late, it had already begun. I don’t remember the exact progression but there was definitely a point where I became aware that I was dying my hair for fun, but also to hide greys.


I’m now 29 and I have a whole streak. And look, I’m not scared of getting older, I’m all about it actually. I’m going to rock the sh*t out of a oversized shawl, reading glasses and some orthopedic shoes. It will be, as the kids say, lit.

But can I please have my 20s before I get there, and maybe my 30s? I’m only a few years (11…) out of high school and I just graduated college (well, my masters program…). I’m young and full of life!

Oh and did I mention I teach high school? Have you ever met a high schooler? They are not subtle and absolutely tactless. I often have them tell me it’s time to go take care of the grey. Shut up, Becky, at least I can write a 5 paragraph essay.


I digress. The point is, I dye my hair regularly but I’m not made of money, so the salon every 6-8 weeks is out of the question. I also want to have healthy hair so $6 boxed dye from Walgreens is also out.

Thank goodness for Madison Reed.


Madison Reed is a subscription service for hair dye, which is already pretty cool. The real selling point for me, however, was the quality of the dye. There are a million reviews saying that the dye actually made hair feel healthier. Naturally I was skeptical and ordered immediately.

The key is that the dye is free of ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, PPD, phthalates, and gluten. It doesn’t even smell like chemicals, like, it actually smells good. I honestly don’t know what’s in it, but if I had to guess, the key ingredients include magic, kitten smiles, and happiness.

Y’all, it worked to cover my greys and my leftover grow-out blonde AND it made my hair shiny and soft. Magic. Kitten smiles. Happiness.

The product packaging is also adorable and the color kit comes with everything you need. In addition to the dye ingredients and instructions, the kit includes two pairs of gloves, barrier cream, cleansing wipe, cap, and trial size bottles of color enhancing shampoo and conditioner.

I thoroughly recommend trying out this lovely company. If you’re interested but need an incentive, click this link for $15 off your first order.

And as always: best of luck.

Today is a Good Day to Dye- a Madison Reed Review

*Madison Reed: If you’re reading, I thoroughly recommend this become your slogan.