Clothing Sizes are Not Your Friend

Last weekend I took decided to be brave and go on a hunt for new pants. This might seem silly to some, but pants are hard for me. My big (but not big enough) hips and butt, my belly squish and my big (strong, gorgeous) thighs mean that I don’t easily fit most of the pants on the rack. 


When I was younger and many sizes larger I thought it was because I was just “too big” overall. Choices were limited. But as I’ve shrunk over the years I’ve found that pants are just a b*tch in general. 

My biggest issue is that if I can find jeans that fit my legs, they’re way too big in the waist. If I can manage to squeeze my legs into pants that fit in the waist, the legs end up being so tight they pull the waist and stretch the pants. Either way same uncomfortable problem. 

Anyway, lately I’ve noticed that my pants are a little big and decided to buy some new ones. Unsure whether it was due to two years of stretching fabric and I was still a 12 or if I’d actually lost weight and was something smaller, I went in unsure of my size. 

Naturally I went to the jeans wall in target and got ten pairs of jeans in three different fits and four different sizes. At one point I put on a 12 that was a tiny bit too big and then a 6 that was too short but otherwise almost right. Yeah a 12 and then a 6. Same brand. 

What the hell?


I could go on and on about how the numeric sizing in women’s clothing doesn’t even make sense and men’s clothing going by measurements if much more useful, but that’s a post for another day. My issue is that, if I can manage to not let a number define my body and if I can avoid the media barrage of impossible bodies, I’m still confronted with total confusion in the dressing room. I’ve grown a serious garden of love flowers to cushion my body but I can only take so much of this bull honkey. 

Eventually I went into a random store in the mall and bought a 29…This number sounded like men’s sizing but unless I’m measuring myself incorrectly, that’s not true. 

So, I ended up buying pants and I like them but bro, what the hell? The fashion industry has got to be stopped with the confusing numbers and the ridiculous sizing. 

Oh and then I went back to the same store a week later to get another pair of the exact same pants and ended up needing a 27…what?

Have any of you had a similar experience or is it just me and my “weird” body over here? Let me know in the comments and, as always, best of luck.


25 Year Old High School Students

A couple of weeks ago, Boyfriend and I stayed in and watched Jumanji. I haven’t seen that movie in at least 15 years and expected that it might now, well, suck. I was wrong.

That movie holds up for a number of reasons, the use of suspense without huge effects, the score, the plot consistency, the emotional connection, but I’m not talking about all that. I bring the movie up because it did one thing really well that you just don’t see now: it cast real kids as kids.

The 12 year old is actually 12. Alan and Sarah are awkward heights because they hit different growth spurts. They wear appropriate and realistic clothes. The girls are wearing little to no make up, they’re eyebrows are wild. They look like kids.

I remember watching shows and movies growing up like Boy Meets World that looked like they featured appropriate ages. I didn’t get a complex on my body and hair and make up and everything else until I started focusing on adults. And even then I knew I wasn’t an adult, I wasn’t supposed to look like that.

Brace yourself, I’m about the sound like an old lady:

Kids these days watch made over, dressed up twenty somethings pretend to be teens and must feel some real pressure to look like…grown ups.

I don’t have a solution, I just kind of think it sucks.

Anyway, Best of luck!

How To: Have a Great Halloween

I work in an elementary school, where Halloween is all about the three Cs: costumes, candy and can I please have some more candy?

It can be such a lovely holiday for young and old alike so here’s a How To for having a fun (and safe) Halloween:

Surround yourself with people you like. 

Not the “fun ones” or just the “party animals.” You’d be amazed how much fun you have when you’re comfortable and in good company. Whether that’s a huge group, a small gathering or just you and your laptop.

Dress comfortably

That doesn’t have to mean sweatpants but make sure you can function relatively well in your costume. If you feel uncomfortable in a sexy nurse costume or a banana onesie or 10 inch platforms or an art smock, don’t wear it.

At the end of the day it’s not about choosing to be sexy or not, it’s about choosing to be comfortable in your skin and your costume. Because you should definitely wear both.

Make decent choices. 

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Feelings Friday: Treat Yo’self

While there is definitely a tendency toward using “treat yo’self” as an excuse to be lazy, I cannot and will not under-stress the importance of self-care. Just being kind to yourself – body, mind, spirit – can make or break so many aspects of life.

Life isn’t being wholly selfish or selfless because both of those things eventually lead to selfishness, either you want to care too much about yourself or you have to. You cannot care for others if you don’t care for yourself.

You must fill your own pitcher before filling everyone else’s cup

Selfish vs. selfless is daily changing spectrum, not a definition of character. How much do you need to care for yourself today? How much can you give to others tomorrow if you are selfish today?

I have been through tough times in my life, break you down and beat you times, what the hell is the point times. They’ve all been different in my reaction and healing process.

Sometimes I needed time to be sad, sometimes I needed a long bath, sometimes I needed the distraction of good friends, sometimes I needed a good journal write. But each of those things and so many other had in common that I was looking out for me. I was comforting myself.

You can’t run on fumes forever. You can’t. Cars run on fumes until they either run out of gas or take the time to fill up.

So take a moment today and ask yourself if you need to take care of you today or if you can give that care to someone else. Either answer is right, so long as you ask the question.

Best of luck!

Reviewsday: Milani Color Statement Matte Lipstick

I am, by no means, any sort of beauty guru. I once saw a Tumblr post in response to a question about which foundation is best, which simply said “I use Maybelline Fit Me and I smear it on my face with my hands like a gorilla.”

I have never identified more with a Tumblr text post.

That being said, I quite like make up, I’m just also quite cheap.

I’m not sure where the idea came from but I’ve been in search of a good quality matte purple lipstick for a while. Honestly, I’m likely copying my amazing coworker (remember Francis?) and her cool lipstick choices.

I fell in love with Mac’s Heroine:

…but not the price. At $17, this one was a bit too much for me. Enter, the dupe: Milani Cosmetics.

More specifically, Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick in Glam.

Just $7 and somehow still good quality. I have braved my share of drugstore lipstick let downs; from the sticky to the dry to the ‘how did this get to this part of my face’ I’ve seen it all.

Milani was different. Easy to apply and easy to wear, and though a matte color, it wasn’t drying. I did have to reapply but not more than twice in the day. And the color, oh that color:

Yeah, it’s love.

A Day (Weekend) in the Life

This lovely first weekend of October turned out to be rather interesting. Well, interesting in comparison to the typical “laze around in bed until mid-afternoon when I get anxious and need to do something so I force boyfriend to go for a walk with me” kind of weekend.

Saturday was hair day, the day to end the battle of the dark (and too much grey) hair invading my head. While I promised Boyfriend it would only take about 90 minutes (something I truly believed), it was close to 4.5 hours…

In the end I came out a few shades lighter, hangry as all get out and frustrated beyond belief.

Luckily for me (and honestly anyone in my general vicinity) Boyfriend is good at calming me down. After a long and ridiculous bus ride home, what calms an annoyed girl better than take-out teriyaki, ice cream and Netflix?*

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My Daily Skin Care Routine

After interviewing my favorite Esthetician a few days ago, I started thinking about my skincare routine and the flux it’s been in over previous months. Since returning to the States and returning to a life of daily make-up, I have been trying to find a daily routine that works but won’t break the bank.

It’s been super easy.

Finally I’ve found a few products that work; most from the drugstore and just one splurge I really love.

As a note: I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and very dry chin/cheeks. I also have sensitive skin prone to breaking into hives. Oh and I grow tough little dark hairs along my sideburns and chin that cause breakouts and inflammation sometimes.

Ahem, let’s begin.



ClarityRX Vitamin-Infused Cleanser, 32.00

Sulphate/Phosphate/Paraben free and all natural, good for sensitive skin, and quite concentrated. This cleanser does the job without drying out skin.

It is expensive for a 4 oz bottle but I bought this bottle in March and after using it twice daily since then I still have half the bottle.

Worth the purchase especially for sensitive skin.


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