Dos and Don’ts of Flying

Do Know the Rules and Regs

I know it’s a lot, but TSA has a website and every airport has information centers you can call. You need to know if your bag will fit. You need to be prepared for security. Do your homework.*

Don’t take over the armrest

If the thing you are doing requires you to enter my personal space, ask yourself how necessary it is. If it is extremely necessary, make it happen fast and apologize for elbowing me in the ribs (lookin at you lady-from-yesterday’s-flight).

Do pack snacks. 

One time I bought an orange juice at an airport Starbucks and it was $8.

Eight. What.

Airports are like theme parks except airports allow you to bring food in so, get you some snacks before you get to the airport and save a dime. Or eight dollars.


Don’t shame a parent because their child is crying. 

I don’t like screaming children, you don’t like screaming children, their parents don’t like it either. But there is nothing they can do so, buck up buttercup, life is hard and the babies feel it all.

Do pack water. 

An empty water bottle is allowed through TSA and can be easily filled at a water fountain past security. Planes are dry and flying does weird stuff to your body so hydrate.

Don’t play your sh*t out loud

This is a rule for life I think. If you are in a public space and you’re watching videos or listening to music, use headphones. Because, are you kidding me, don’t be a d*ckhead.

Best of luck


*If you haven’t already researched it, look up ID requirements for 2018 flights. The laws are changing and certain state licenses won’t be accepted.

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10 Things Teaching Special Ed Taught Me

For a couple of months I’ve been subbing as a Special Eductaion Instructional Aid. Every assignment is different but I tend to spend time working with students with a range of special needs, from language issues, to physical needs, to behavioral concerns, it’s always an adventure. 

After spending my first days in a high school Special Ed classroom this week, I thought it might be time to share what I’ve learned from my students.


Comparison is not fair (ison)

Someone is always going to be better than you at something, you cannot be the best at everything. The good news is, you’re really good at some things and you can get better at others. The goal should always be to keep improving, not to compete with someone else’s abilities. Those are their abilities, you have your own.

Sometimes you need to yell or cry or run around


Sometimes sh** goes down and you need to just let yourself react. It might take a pillow scream or jumping around or crying it out and that’s ok. As long as you don’t hurt others, do what you need to.

Take a damn walk

It’s amazing what a walk around the block (or halls) can do for your mood. Removing yourself from a tough situation, taking a breath, getting outside and moving around can solve a lot of inner turmoil. Continue reading